L&O, Episode 9.12
Production number: E0219
First aired: 10 February 1999
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Van Buren Haven
Written By
I.C. Rapoport & David Shore

Directed By
David Platt


The investigation into the murder of a community leader, who was beaten to death with a baseball bat, focuses on a struggling college student. McCoy realizes that the student, Jerome killed the man and goes after him on murder charges. Even though he has the possibility of winning the case, after Jerome tells him on the stand about the intense pressure he was under that he just wanted to stop, McCoy decides to offer him a deal of manslaughter in the first degree with six to twelve years in prison. While Jerome's lawyer refuses the deal, Jerome takes it as he knows he did the wrong thing. McCoy later tells Carmichael that he wanted closure on the case and that he knew it was all about two good people doing the wrong thing for the right reason.


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McCoy: I'm offering him a plea on Man One.
Carmichael: Why? What is this? Affirmative action for murderers?

Carmichael: And he thought he was under pressure before.
Carmichael: I'm not sure this is worse.

Background information and notes

  • It is mentioned that Jerome Warren went to the Du Bois High School. There is no high school with that name in Harlem, but there is one in Baltimore.
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Office of Bookkeeper
Haven Center
78 East 56th Street
Monday, January 5

Office of
Davis Mills
Department of Buildings
Monday, January 20

Supreme Court
Trial Part 37
Tuesday, March 4

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