SVU, Episode 5.25
Production number: E4418
First aired: 18 May 2004
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Written By
Dawn DeNoon & Lisa Marie Petersen

Directed By
Juan J. Campanella

Plot[edit | edit source]

A toilet cam is found, and once the perp is caught, he reveals that, on his camera, he caught a young boy being molested. The boy, twelve-year-old Shane Madden, is found, and his molester turns out to be his principal, Meredith Rice.

Rice is captured in the act of molesting Shane, and, while in custody, sexually assaults Elliot Stabler, leading him to push her away and causing her to suffer a seizure. After being taken to the hospital, it's revealed that she's actually sick with a brain tumor in her frontal lobe, scrambling her judgement and causing her actions as a result. Similar cases have happened, and Dr. Huang advises that, based on related research, she is not legally guilty, and will not re-offend unless the tumor returns.

Unsure of how to proceed, a deal is struck with Meredith, as she is not entirely accountable for her actions: in exchange for probation, she can never see Shane again, which she has no problem with. She also has to go for treatment and register as a sex offender, the latter of which Meredith's attorney is dissatisfied with, as it will end Meredith's teaching career. However, Meredith herself agrees, as there is no guarantee the tumor will not return, and she refused to risk endangering anymore children if it does.

Everything appears to be bright, until Meredith is arrested for violating her restraining order by contacting Shane on the phone. Shane's mother has attacked her and has Meredith reveals the shocking reason why: she is pregnant with Shane's baby, and thought he had a right to know. As she is escorted out, Meredith admits she wanted to have a baby of her own, but the circumstances led to this being ironic.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Detectives investigate an unusual case in which a woman turns into a pedophile after she gets a brain tumor.

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References[edit | edit source]

Brooklyn; Central Park; Creme De La Crop; I Spy Electronics; One Police Plaza; Saint Mark's Hospital; TARU.

Quotes[edit | edit source]


Stabler: Tell me what you did to the child.

(Meredith runs forward and hugs and kisses Stabler) That's a bad idea

Meredith: Come on. Let's get it on. (grabs Stabler's crotch)
Stabler: What are you crazy? you're out of your mind! "Pushes Meredith into a wall"

SVU wonders if Mrs. Madden is molesting her son.

Captain Cragen: When I was on the bottle, I woke up with my share of regrettable bedmates. But her own son?
Fin: The more you drink, the blinder you get.
Stabler: And her alcoholic blackouts are legend
Benson: We canvassed the building. Everybody had a horror story ...
Captain Cragen: Before we stagger down this road, let's not rule out other possibilities.

Munch: (about a perpetrator who hid video cameras in public restrooms) Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'live streaming video' .

Benson: (speaking to a perpetrator who committed their crimes in a bathroom) You had no right to shoot the crap.

Benson: Now which one is the pervert?
Stabler: The guy who downloaded the most crap.

(After Stabler apparently put the perp in the hospital)

Sgt. Tucker: I was just reading up about your thoughts. Suspended 4 years ago for telling the company shrink you dreamed about killing pedophiles?
Stabler: Thought about it. Never did it.
Sgt. Tucker: You're getting closer and closer.

Benson: (Noting the principal's change in handwriting.)She got something weighing on her mind?

(Profiling the voyeur in the first case.)

Dr. Huang: He's either a urophiliac -- that's a sexual attraction to urine -- or a coprophiliac, which is...
Benson: Let's not even go there.

Novak: So what, give her a doctor's note? "Please excuse Meredith from molesting boys, she had a bad tumor".
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Jackie: Of course I bought a shirt. Gotta support my little man! HEY-YA!
Stabler: Probably appreciate it a little more if you were sober.
Jackie: Screw you!

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I Spy Electronics
320 Seventh Avenue
Thursday, May 6

Knoll Apartments
164 West 52nd Street
Thursday, May 6

Technical Assistance
Response Unit
One Police Plaza
Friday, May 7

Creme De La Crop
Hair Salon
124 West 85th Street
Friday, May 7

5 6 7 8

I.S. 41
256 West 68th Street
Monday, May 10

Rice Residence
Brooklyn, New York
Monday, May 10

St. Mark's Hospital
263 West 78th Street
Monday, May 10

Office of the
District Attorney
Conference Room
Wednesday, May 12

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