Heath Barron
Name Heath Barron
Occupation Celebrity plastic surgeon
Pathology Rapist
Statutory rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Mark Feuerstein
First Appearance "Plastic"

Heath Barron is a murderer and rapist who was assisted by his girlfriend, Cici Taylor.


While he was still in medical school, Heath fell in love with a classmate named Louise Halpern, but she rejected his advances because she was already dating someone else. Afterwards, he met a woman named Moira, who became his girlfriend and submitted to his sexual needs. As a result, she brought him a teenage girl named Cici Taylor, who they had threesomes with. At some point in 2004, Heath killed Moira for unknown reasons and hid her body in the walls of a house he was renting at the time. At the same time, Cici became his new girlfriend and changed her name to Sadie Parker. As an adult, Heath became a plastic surgeon who starred in his own reality TV show and was a regular on talk shows. He and Cici frequented clubs and parties, where they frequently acted out Heath's fantasies on having threesomes with other women and videotaping them.

One night, Heath and Cici drugged and raped Ava Parcell. After recovering and escaping from their residence, Ava reported this to the Special Victims Unit and identified Heath and Cici as her assailants. The detectives investigated, but Heath and Cici claimed they had a consensual threesome with Ava. The detectives soon discovered a video that Heath and Cici made of Ava's rape and had them arrested. However, they posted bail following their arraignment and started slandering Ava on a talk show, forcing her to drop the charges. Later, Detective Carisi found an encrypted video that Heath took of Cici as a teenager, and he and Tutuola followed the lead to Heath's old rental home, where they found Moira's body.

After she revealed the new evidence to Cici and deduced her true identity, Lieutenant Benson convinced Cici to confess to her crimes, resulting in Heath's imprisonment. (SVU: "Plastic")

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates in 2004:
    • Cici Taylor (committed consensual statutory rape with)
    • Moira (murdered and hid her body in the wall of his rental house)
  • December 16, 2018: Ava Parcell (drugged and raped)
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