Helen Turner
Name Helen Turner
Family Jim Turner (husband)
Kyle Turner (son)
Adam Turner (son)
Mark Turner (son)
Status Alive
Actor Amy Spanger
First Appearance "Great Expectations"

Helen Turner is the mother of Kyle Turner and the wife of Jim Turner.


Helen was well aware of her husband's abusive behaviour towards her boys Kyle and Adam and planned to leave with the boys several times but Jim often gave her a present when she planned to which stopped her from leaving. When Kyle sexually assaulted a boy named Jack Wilson, Helen was shocked but stood by her son.

When it became clear to the Special Victims Unit that Jim was abusive and had told Kyle to sexually assault Jack, Helen protected Jim and told the detectives he was a strict but loving father. It wasn't until she witnessed Jim violently beat up Adam with a hockey stick that Helen decided to do the right thing and decided to help the detectives arrest Jim. (SVU: "Great Expectations")

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