SVU, Episode 10.17
Production number: 100
First aired: 31 March 2009
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Stabler and The Devil Hell
Written By
Amanda Green

Directed By
David Platt


When a young girl is found nearly dead on the streets, the Special Victims Unit's only clue to the identity of her attacker is a picture of a devil she drew when asked who attacked her. As the police search for the assailant, they learn that the victim was a sex slave in Uganda, and suspect that her devil is a former member of the infamous Lord's Resistance Army.


A former African child refugee's throat is slashed though she survives, and SVU connects the case to two former Ugandan war criminals--one a ruthless killer, the other a sympathetic former child soldier trying to change his life. The former soldier, Elijah is initially blamed for the crime, but is revealed to be innocent while the other man, the Devil of Gulu, is the true culprit. Stabler realizes that the Devil is a man he met earlier working as a janitor and confronts and arrests him. The man is charged for attempted murder and is instead sent to The Hague to be tried by the International Criminal Court for war crimes which allow all of his victims to get justice.

In the meantime, despite Elijah finally being cleared from all charges for good, his request for asylum is denied as he turned eighteen while being a child soldier and is thus legally culpable, and he will be deported back to Uganda. Cabot and Stabler try to intervene and decide to have him seek sanctuary inside his church where the feds will not come after him, but once he learns of the deportation, he takes a children's choir hostage out of desperation. Stabler and Fin try to talk him down and get him to release the children as he knows better than anyone that they are innocent. Despite doing so, Elijah has no intention of harming anyone other than himself: he'd rather commit suicide rather than go back to Uganda and believes he is beyond forgiveness from God. The priest tries to convince him that this is not so, but starts to suffer a heart attack.

Stabler manages to convince Elijah to give up the gun and surrender, pointing out that the gun is not his friend as he was indoctrinated to believe. Elijah surrenders to Stabler and helps him get the priest outside for medical attention, but after seeing a crowd of reporters, he charges them and is shot down before Stabler can stop the SWAT team. Elijah dies, but tells the earlier victim who he saw as his little sister that he sacrificed himself so that people would see the horror of the child soldiers. Stabler watches a montage of images of child soldiers with the priest and the two agree to spread Elijah's story and hope someone will listen and help bring an end to the horror.


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Everything I touch, everything I love, I corrupt.

–Elijah Okello

(Benson has learned that Joseph Serumaga has been handed over to the International Criminal Court)

Olivia Benson: I'm trying to get justice for Miriam!
Alex Cabot: The ICC will be able to get justice for ten THOUSAND Miriams.

If ELIJAH isn't a special victim, then tell me who IS!!

–Elliot Stabler

He said he had to die to make them see all the child soldiers...

–Miriam Burdett

Munch: He goes by many names- Satan, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Old Nick...
Stabler: Let's not forget Ryan Seacrest.

Background information and notes

  • It is alluded to that ADA Alex Cabot graduated from Harvard Law School.

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La Poquita Bodega
92 West 109th Street
Tuesday, March 17

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Doris DiNuzio
477 Van Duzer Street
Staten Island, New York
Tuesday, March 17

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Elijah Okello
445 West 121st Street
Tuesday, March 17

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St. Adrian's Rectory
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Staten Island, New York
Tuesday, March 17

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Samuel Mbazzi
242 West 111th Street
Wednesday, March 18

United Nations
760 United Nations Plaza
Wednesday, March 18

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