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Interwiki links are a way to facilitate the creation of connections between different wikis instead of requiring that a full URL be duplicated.

Local interwiki links

The first kind of interwiki links are links to editions of the Law & Order Wiki in other languages. Generally, on a page these links will appear at the left side of a page under the heading "in other languages". These links can be created like this:


Alternatively, you can include these links inline in an article using the following method:


Currently, the only language versions of the Law & Order Wiki are English (en) and German (de).

The second kind of interwiki links are inline links to other Wikia wikis. These links can be created as follows:


An inline link to a Wikia page is created like this:


Note that some of the (older) Wikia wikis also have their own dedicated prefixes, but Wikia has moved away from creating a dedicated prefix for each wiki, and so the newer ones do not have one.

External interwiki links

Links to websites outside of the Law & Order Wiki can be created in the same fashion, except that these links will always appear inline in an article. An example would be:


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