Henry Chanoor
Henry Chanoor.jpg
Name Henry Chanoor
Occupation Janitor
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial killer
Spree rapist
Family Rankesh Chanoor (father)
Geeta Chanoor (mother)
Debi Chanoor (sister)
Nida Chanoor (sister)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Kal Penn
First Appearance "Outsider"

Henry Chanoor was a serial rapist and killer who later became a spree rapist.


Henry was born into a successful family of Indians, but was seen as the "black sheep" of the family. He grew up being ignored by his father, Dr. Rankesh Chanoor, who treated him as if he never existed. This was in stark contrast to Henry's sisters, both of whom had successful jobs and received all of the attention from their father, whose home office was essentially a shrine to them and their achievements. Henry eventually found a job as a janitor at one of the clinics owned by his father. Eventually, in a desperate cry for attention, Henry raped and unintentionally murdered three women in Brooklyn, with all of the victims connected to his father's clinics.


He then raped three more women in Manhattan, also connected to his father's clinics. He was arrested, but later put in the custody of his family with help from his attorney, one of his sisters. However, Henry jumped bail and was hunted down on a ship he had stowed away on, due to making a phone call to a radio station so he could brag about his crimes and have his message broadcasted all over the nation. After a standoff, Henry was arrested by Detectives Fin Tutuola and Chester Lake just before he could flee the jurisdiction. As they take him off the ship, Henry spots a news crew arriving to report his arrest and relishes in the attention he will receive. (SVU: "Outsider")

Known Victims

  • 2006:
    • September-November: The Brooklyn rape-murders:
      • Anna Fischner
      • Rose Davis
      • Maya Petroville
    • The Manhattan rapes:
      • December 5: Ming Hao
      • December 6: Kara Bawson
      • December 7: Edie Rimpo
    • December 12: The ship standoff:
      • Unnamed dock foreman (held hostage with a knife)
      • Detective Chester Lake (attempted; tried to stab)


  • According to Fin, who looked at photo album/scrapbook belonging to Henry, Henry gets excited by choking his victims. However, it was explained that Henry never intended to kill his first three victims.
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