Henry Fillmore
Henry Fillmore
Name Henry Fillmore
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
New York Surrogate's Court (former)
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor William Severs
First Appearance "The Troubles"
Last Appearance "Fixed"

Henry Fillmore is a Judge in Manhattan, New York City.

Cases tried

Criminal Court

  • Let Executive ADA Stone compel FBI Special Agent Axelrod to testify to O'Connell's motive to kill Ahmed Mustafa.
  • Allowed Stone to call Bridget McDiarmid as a rebuttal witness after O'Connell testified that he never committed a violent act in his life.
  • Blocked Executive ADA McCoy from introducing the fact the Christopher had horses killed as pattern evidence in the murder of his fiancé Ruth Thomas.
  • Granted a mistrial for the defense after McCoy brings up Christopher's previous bad acts after instructing McCoy that was not allowed.
  • Allowed defense counsel to question Sondra Benton about a past altercation with an angry client subject to connection to her defense.

Surrogate's Court

  • Took judicial notice of the Manhattan DA's office's indictment of Elizabeth for the murder of Priscilla.
  • Granted Patricia the power of administration over Priscilla's estate.


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