Henry Harp
Name Henry H. Harp
Affiliation Earl Novak (accomplice; deceased)
Occupation Professional criminal
Basketball coach
Pathology Robber
Family Hilda Harp (mother)
Dennis Harp (brother)
Sandra Pena (fiancée)
Ricky Harp (son)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Luke Reilly
First Appearance "Double Down"

Henry H. Harp is a robber and murderer.

History[edit | edit source]

Harp and his accomplice, Earl Novak, planned to commit an armed robbery at the Red Star liquor store. However, things turned into a mess when an off-duty police officer, Russell Schaeffer, showed up, prompting Novak to shoot him dead. Harp was also wounded in the shootout. Since their getaway vehicle was blocked by a freight truck, they carjacked Mitchell Titus, kidnapping him. Novak later bludgeoned Titus, killing him instantly. 

Later, they disposed of Titus' corpse and left his car in a parking zone. Harp then borrowed another car from his fiancée, Sandra Pena, and brought Novak to Riverside Park. There, he killed him because he didn't want to share the money, as the proceeds of the robbery were to be given to Sandra in order for her to pay her rent. 

Subsequently, Harp tried fleeing the city by bus, but he was discovered and arrested by Detectives Briscoe and Curtis. While recovering at the hospital, he made a deal with EADA McCoy so as to be granted a reduced penalty in exchange for revealing the location of Mitchell Titus, who at that time was still believed by the authorities to be a hostage of Harp and Novak. McCoy accepted the offer, and Titus was consequently found dead where Harp and Novak had disposed of him. Novak's body was also found.

McCoy managed to obtain a conviction anyway, as he made Briscoe and Curtis testify that he did know of Novak's death but did not know of his murder at the hands of Harp. Therefore, as Novak's murder was not included in the deal, the DAs could prosecute him for the crime. (L&O: "Double Down")

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