Henry Sharpe
Peter Davison as Henry Sharpe
Name Henry Sharpe
Title Director
Affiliation Crown Prosecution Service
Status Alive
Actor Peter Davison
First Appearance The Wrong Man


Henry Sharpe is an attorney and Director of the Crown Prosecution Service office in central London. A down-to-Earth sort, Henry rules his team with a fair and firm hand. Henry has a very clear understanding of the psychology of offending behavior and the foundations, pressures and lifestyle choices that lead to a life of crime. He takes a very broad view when looking at a case but ultimately he always acts in the public interest. He is a voice for the victim(s) of a crime and does what's best for them and the public, not the offender; and is in a position of power and trust for this reason. Henry brings a real warmth with him and has a history with Jake (as his mentor), which makes him a bit of a father figure.