Hilary Barclay
Name Hilary Barclay
Pathology Sexual assailant
Family Juliet Barclay (mother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Samantha Mathis
First Appearance "Control"

Hilary Barclay is a woman who castrated a man named Horace Gorman, who had held her captive for several years, which resulted in his death.


When she was young, Hilary was kidnapped and held captive by Gorman for years, but finally escaped one night. Eventually, Hilary and her mother Juliet encountered Gorman; Hilary castrated Gorman and left him for dead. Juliet told the Special Victims Unit that she castrated Gorman, which resulted in them arresting her. However, during the trial, Hilary confessed to everything. Juliet's protests charges were dismissed against her and Hilary was arrested.

Later evidence proved that Hilary was at a coffee shop at the time of Horace's murder, but did castrate him earlier, and that her mother was the guilty one. However, Juliet was immune due to the standards of double jeopardy. (SVU: "Control")

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