"Home Invasions"
SVU, Episode 13.14
Production number: 13014
First aired: 15 February 2012
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Written By
Bryan Goluboff

Directed By
Jim McKay


A gunman storms a family's home, killing the parents and leaving their teenage daughter in critical condition. When a hate crime investigation turns into a dead end, Benson and the SVU detectives struggle to find a motive for such violence. The clues lead to a surprising revelation about Detective Rollins, which threatens her future in the Special Victims Unit.


Joan and Sidney Eckhouse are shot to death in their household. Their teenage daughter, Emmy, is shot in the head, but survives. At first, the crime looks to be related to Joan's job at the New York Gay Right Coalition, but evidence points to the possible involvement of the Eckhouses' former houskeeper, Carmen and her brother, Jimmy (who is an ex-con and found religion).

Jimmy provides an alibi, but later the detectives discover that Emmy told Carmen about being molested by her father. It then becomes clear that Carmen and Jimmy were protecting Emmy. In the end, Emmy confesses that she was part of the plan to kill her parents because Sidney raped her and Joan didn't do anything to stop it. She was supposed to be with her boyfriend, Rob Fisher, that night, but was shot in the head by accident. Eventually, Emmy is arrested.

Meanwhile, Rollins reveals that she has a severe gambling problem which Cragen helps her find a support group to help her.


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Are you a believer?

–Rev. Jimmy to Det. Amaro

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New York
Gay Rights Coalition
183 Franklin Street
Saturday, January 28

Iglesia Oasis de Fe,
Amor Y Paz
233 East 112th Street
Sunday, January 29

Murf the Surf's Pub
1717 2nd Avenue
Monday, January 30

Fisher Apartment
455 East 84th Street
Tuesday, January 31

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"Home Invasions"
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