L&O, Episode 6.22
Production number: K0126
First aired: 15 May 1996
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Written By
Elaine Loeser & Barry M. Schkolnick

Directed By
Matthew Penn


After an infant is poisoned, all evidence points to the baby's au pair-but the woman insists she didn't do it.


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Adam Schiff: Ruthie Miller? Who's paying her bills?
Claire Kincaid: The British Consulate.
Adam Schiff: Go to tea. Offer her a crumpet.

Claire Kincaid: I never did like chasing my tail.
Jack McCoy: But it's a lot of fun when you catch it.

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the Olivia Riner case.
  • Kim Raver made her a special guest as Wendy Karmel in this episode, then she played as Kim Zambrano in Third Watch is also the crossover from ER.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Apartment Of
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Davis
129 East 78th Street
Wednesday, April 3

Atlantic Au Pair Agency
769 Fifth Avenue
Thursday, April 11

Forensics Laboratory
One Police Plaza
Monday, April 15

4 5 6

Chambers Of
Judge Beth Krieger
Wednesday, April 24

Supreme Court
Trial Part 90
Monday, May 20

Supreme Court
Trial Part 90
Wednesday, May 29


Supreme Court
Trial Part 90
Thursday, July 13

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