Law and Order
Law and Order

Real-life NYPD Homicide Squads are borough-wide specialized units. They investigate murders and serious assault cases, and provide additional resources to precinct detective squads (which they work in conjunction with). Law & Order portrays a fictional homicide squad working throughout Manhattan, although it usually (and quite unrealistically) investigates also other types of crimes other than murders and assaults (e.g. robberies, kidnappings, rapes...).

The show's squad is based at the fictional 27th Precinct (36th in early episodes), which, due to its location, should restrict the squad's activities to Manhattan North (at least in real life). Indeed, during the show's early seasons, the squad's investigations mainly took place in the northern part of the island, so, most likely, the squad is a fictionalized portrayal of the NYPD's Manhattan North Homicide Squad, which unrealistically operates throughout the borough instead.

It is also quite unrealistical that precincts commanding officers oversee the squad's detectives work, since that role is usually covered by other supervisors. 

Detectives of the Manhattan North Homicide Squad[]

Detectives of the Manhattan South Homicide Squad[]

Supervisors of the Manhattan North Homicide Squad[]