Law and Order
SVU, Episode 6.15
Production number: E5211
First aired: 15 February 2005
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Written By
Joshua Kotcheff

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


The detectives discover that a murdered teenage girl was a prostitute and had contracted HIV while working on a pornographic film, which leads them to her killer.


A group of young astronomers see a dead girl wearing an $800 cocktail dress in an apartment through a telescope. The woman is identified by her college ID as Allison Downey, and Benson and Stabler break the news to her mother until Allison walks through the door. Allison confesses that the girl is her 15-year-old cousin Lisa, and that she loaned her the ID so she could get into clubs with her boyfriend. After her trucker father Tim identifies the body, he says that he didn’t know that she had a boyfriend, and that her mother died nine months ago.

The principal at Lisa's school says that Lisa and other girls were wearing "sex bracelets", a joke that Lisa's best friend (Angela Agnelli) started. Morales then discovers that Lisa had been having sex with men she met online via a teen personals website. Warner then discovers that Lisa was HIV-positive, and she makes a list of Lisa's partners from the website. Stabler becomes concerned because one of the boys listed used to date his daughter Kathleen, and when he asks her if she and the boy had ever had sex, she reluctantly admits that they didn't. Benson and Stabler then search Lisa's room, and Tim is confused as to why Lisa has thousands of dollars of clothes in her closet. After the doctor that prescribed Lisa the HIV medication (Derek Tanner) declines to break confidentiality without a release from Tim, the detectives then go to the store where most of the clothes are from, where a sales associate shows footage of the manager (Brian) following Lisa into the dressing room. The detectives then go into the stockroom and find Angela giving Brian fellatio.

Angela confesses that she and Lisa used to prostitute themselves at the mall but then Lisa started using a hotel with the help of a desk clerk named Jerome. During interrogation, Jerome states that Tanner frequented the hotel often and always asked for Lisa. When Benson and Stabler go back to the hospital to re-interview Tanner, they find Tim beating him up. After the fight is broken up, Tanner tells Stabler that he loved Lisa and that he didn't kill her; later, Benson reports that Tanner is married. They go to his apartment to interview him a third time and find him dead.

Stabler accuses Tim of killing Tanner because his fingerprints were on the doorknob, but he changes his mind when he realizes that Tim didn't know that Tanner and Lisa were having sex. Munch and Fin then find a monogrammed scarf belonging to Angela in Tanner's locker; then Benson and Stabler go back to the school and search Angela's locker and find a videotape that Angela claimed to be holding for Lisa. The tape shows a three-way between Tanner, Angela and Lisa, and Angela later reveals that Lisa went on to make hardcore porn videos for Max Long Studios (which is only blocks away from the apartment where Lisa's body was found). The detectives charge Max with killing Lisa, making child porn and filming with an HIV+ actress (all of which Max claims to not have known).

While Max is alibied for the murder, Munch and Fin report that Max was blackmailing Tanner into running HIV tests on his actors so he wouldn't tell anyone about the statutory rape. Lisa's hair found lodged in Max's tripod (as well as Lisa and Max's respective buildings being easily accessible due to adjoining roofs) proves that Max killed her after all, and Novak tells all his other porn actors that Lisa had HIV and that they were thus exposed to it. However, Max has an alibi for murdering Tanner. Stabler reports the good news to Tim who thanks Stabler and tells him to look after his own children.

After talking to Tim, Cragen informs Stabler that the lab has matched the mystery fingerprints in Tanner's apartment to the fingerprints on the tape of Lisa and Angela. Tanner's killer is Angela Agnelli. Stabler confronts Angela at school with the tape which has both gunshot residue and Angela's fingerprints in the residue. Angela finally confesses that she went to confront Tanner at his apartment with her father's gun for the tape, but Tanner refused as he would go to jail for rape with the tape as evidence. Afraid that someone would see the tape and her life would be ruined, Angela pointed the gun at Tanner and it went off, killing him. Angela breaks down in tears in Stabler's arms, telling Stabler that she just wanted her life back.


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  • Trudi Strutts


Stabler: How many teenage girls do you know who are too busy to have boyfriends?
Benson: None.

Benson: You know, when we were kids our parents told us that we were too young to date just one person.
Stabler: Now you pray your kids only date one person.

Stabler: How did this happen? Six months ago, she was just another 15-year-old girl.
Benson: Until she started hooking up with half of Queens. After that, it's no big deal to have sex for designer clothes or prostitute yourself at a hotel.
Cragen: She ends up as Trudy Strutz, Porn Star.
Stabler: She ends up dead on a roof.

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Saint Tabitha
Preparatory School
Bayside, Queens
Tuesday, February 1

Technical Assistance
Response Unit
One Police Plaza
Tuesday, February 1

Glen Oaks High School
Queens, New York
Thursday, February 3

The Barrington Hotel
765 Fifth Avenue
Thursday, February 3

Max Long Studios
622 West 39th Street
Tuesday, February 8

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