Hope Garrett
Hope Garrett
Name Hope Garrett
Affiliation Jubilee Towers
Occupation Former nurse
Nursing home manager
Pathology Serial killer
Status Executed
Actor Mary Kay Place
First Appearance "Vulnerable"

Hope Garrett was the manager of Jubilee Towers nursing home and the prime suspect in the murders of several elderly people at the home.

Garrett would poison residents with highly-concentrated doses of epinephrine, then try to save them in order to look like a hero. Some residents were saved, but three died this way. Before this, Garrett fatally poisoned seven patients at Oak Glade, another nursing home where she once worked.

After Dr. Melinda Warner's testimony against her, Garrett was convicted and executed for seven counts of premeditated murder. (SVU: "Vulnerable")

Known Victims

  • May 1982-March 1987: Seven unnamed patients (all poisoned with potassium chloride)
  • Unknown dates on and/or before 2001:
    • Mr. Tazallo (first name unknown; poisoned with epinephrine)
    • Unnamed woman (attempted; poisoned with epinephrine)
  • December 24, 2001: Mrs. Mercer (first name unknown; poisoned with epinephrine)
  • December 2001-January 2002: Dahlia Brown (poisoned with epinephrine)
  • October 4-7, 2002: Bess Sherman (attempted; poisoned with epinephrine)
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