SVU, Episode 1.04
Production number: E0908
First aired (US): 11 October 1999
First aired (UK): 11 October 1999
First aired (CAN): 11 October 1999
First aired (AUS): 28 February 2000
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Written By
Dawn DeNoon & Lisa Marie Petersen

Directed By
Richard Dobbs

Stabler and Benson investigate the murder of a young woman who is the latest in a long line of victims.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A young African-American woman is found dead in alley with her skirt hiked up, and is believed to be a prostitute. While the woman remains unidentified, SVU discovers that there have been cases similar to theirs and try to find leads on other victims. Later, the M.E. informs that the rape and drug tests were negative, and that the hooker oddly had great teeth.

Meanwhile, Munch testifies against a doctor who videotaped his sexual assault on his patients during his treatment for hysteria. The treatment in question is making the patient orgasm to relieve them of their symptoms.

Back at SVU, there is a possible match to their Jane Doe: 19 year-old Tracy Henderson, who had been missing for two days. Benson and Stabler go to question the Henderson's, who also I.D. the body via a picture. When Stabler tells the parents that Tracy's attacker was targeting prostitutes, they both become angry.

Benson and Stabler meet Dennis Caulfield, Tracy's boyfriend, who gives the detectives an alibi, and points them in the direction of Tracy's volunteer center at a literacy club. One person did not show up that day, a Travis Hall, who is a parolee from Rikers. Benson and Stabler find Hall dead from an overdose in his apartment.

Their possible living victim, Lorinda Gutierrez, is tracked down. After she is questioned and describes her attack, Stabler and Benson reenact the attack in front of the squad. Munch points out that the flashlight beam from Gutierrez's attack is from a cop, and Benson and Stabler canvas the streets and question the prostitutes. Vice officer Sal D'Angelo comes up from the questioning, and he was coincidentally the first officer at the scene of Tracy's murder, and knew the other victims.

Cragen meets up with Lennie Briscoe, who worked with D'Angelo in the 70s. Briscoe informs him that D'Angelo had a temper at a golf tournament, but points the direction of D'Angelo's partner, Ridley. Ridley's I.A.D. file is full of assaults, a few of them against prostitutes. Ridley's neighbors tell Benson and Stabler that Ridley's mother was a prostitute, and if she had a customer in the house, she would leave saltines on the doorstep as his dinner and make him sit there all night.

Stabler goes home to kick soccer balls at his daughter Kathleen, practicing as a goalie. He tries to use soccer as metaphor for giving her the sex talk, but she becomes angry at him, stating that she is a virgin. The next morning, Stabler arrives at SVU to find that Benson spent all night cross-referencing attacks on prostitutes to precincts where Ridley worked over the last 30 years. When he is arrested, Ridley confesses to them all, showing no remorse, yet informing the detectives that he did not murder Tracy Henderson.

The squad concludes that Tracy does not fit Ridley's pattern, and divert their attention back to Dennis Caulfield. Benson and Stabler question Caulfield's alibi, Bill, who tells them that Caulfield is not Tracy's boyfriend, and he is engaged to another girl. Caulfield had seen Tracy at a club one night, looking for jungle fever, but Tracy is extremely inexperienced and had never even had a glass of wine, let alone sex. The morning after, Tracy wakes up, madly in love with Caulfield, and calls him up to go dancing with him, saying that she'd wear something hot for once. Bill says that Caulfield came home alone after standing her up, and asked Bill to lie for him.

The shoeprint found at Tracy's crime scene is examined, discovering that it is from an exotic Italian shoe brand. The squad searches through Caulfield's shoe collection, but are unable to find them. Benson and Stabler visit Caulfield's parents, and question them, running into Dennis. The detectives interrogate Dennis, and Benson suddenly realizes that Dennis is wearing the shoes they're looking for.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

That's an open and shut case, Munch. Try not to screw it up with your insane rambling. And stop looking at my ass.


Munch: Ah but we digress, back to the dead whore.
Jeffries: Jerkwad, have some respect for the victim!
Munch: Hey, I respect hookers, at least they earn their money upfront, unlike ex-wives who get you with that lucrative backend deal.

Jeffries: Oh, so you're saying all women are whores?
Munch: Don't be ridiculous. I don't know all the women in the world.

Stabler: I'd never let my daughters go out dressed like that.
Benson: Yeah, right. Just wait.
Stabler: What does that mean?

Munch: What does this look like? Here's a clue: non-gun hand to the side...
Stabler: A cop.
Munch: Pow.

Captain Cragen: When you were at the 3-1, did you know a cop named Sal D'Angelo?
Briscoe: The 70s are a blur.
Captain Cragen: Tell me about it. Closest I ever came to time travel.

D'Angelo's a bastard. C'mon. So are you. So am I. We're all bastards.

–Lennie Briscoe

Captain Cragen: I'll have a Perrier.
Briscoe: You're still drinking that French swill? Gimme a bottle of Pelligrino.
Captain Cragen: You still gotta one-up me, Lennie.

Munch: Up until 1952, hysteria was one of the most commonly diagnosed illnesses among women. The medical treatment was hysterical paroxysm.
Stenographer: Could the witness spell that?
Munch: O-R-G-A-S-M.
Defense Attorney: Objection!

Benson: Oh, my God. He's wearin' them.
Stabler: Nice shoes.

Stabler: 18 gets you a needle in the arm, same as 19.
Ridley: I know. That's why I want my record properly documented. For posterity.

You know what they call an accomplice in prison, Billy? Bunkmate.


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Intersection of
9th Avenue &
West 38th Street
Tuesday, October 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 52
Tuesday, October 5

Home of
John & Carol Henderson
Bronxville, New York
Tuesday, October 5

Kershaw, Naughton
& DeVoy
500 Wall Street
Wednesday, October 6

5 6 7 8

Clinton Community Center
700 West 48th Street
Wednesday, October 6

Intersection of
Gansevoort &
Greenwich Street
Wednesday, October 6

Landmark Tavern
626 11th Avenue
Wednesday, October 6

Kew Gardens
Queens, New York
Thursday, October 7

9 10 11 12

Special Victims Unit
Friday, October 8

Forensics Laboratory
One Police Plaza
Friday, October 8

Home of
Charles & Evelyn Caulfield
Westchester, New York
Friday, October 8

Roosevelt Hospital
Intensive Care Unit
Wednesday, September 29

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