CI, Episode 3.18
Production number: E4520
First aired: 18 April 2004
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Goren Dave Mullen Ill-Bred
Teleplay By
Jim Sterling

Story By
Jim Sterling & René Balcer

Directed By
Steve Shill

A veterinarian's murder leads to a complex case involving drugs and a barn full of sexually active stable mates.


They discover the victim accidentaly found about a farm's horses were used into to smuggle heroin. However the true motive for the murder turns to be a woman's ambition, knowing her husband Dale Mullen was having an affair with the farm owner's wife she concoted a scheme to drug him with sexual enhacement medication and then put holes in his condoms, that would result in her blackmailing the farm owners when the wife got pregnant by Dale.


Main cast

Guest cast




Oh, uh, wow, these quick-release knots, they are, uh, very quick.

–Robert Goren

Alexandra Eames: When I was a kid, I used to dream about living on a horse farm.
Robert Goren: That's a nice dream... for a horse.

Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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