Law and Order
CI, Episode 3.18
Production number: E4520
First aired: 18 April 2004
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Teleplay By
Jim Sterling

Story By
Jim Sterling & René Balcer

Directed By
Steve Shill

A veterinarian's murder leads to a complex case involving drugs and a barn full of sexually active stable mates.


A careless breeding on an aristocratic horse farm result in the bloody murder of a female veterinarian who began to question strange drug use surrounding her equine patients.

Through their investigation, Detectives Goren and Eames discover a stable full of work release inmates who appear to be smuggling drugs in the horses.

Goren then discovers the jealousy and class rivalries among the wealthy owner, his wife, and the married couple who work for them.

Dale and Paige Mullen are the married stable employees who have a dream to own a horse farm. In order to get the funds to own a dream horse farm, they turn to heroin smuggling. Dale and Paige transport heroin in the horse's uterus as they and the horses travel to various domestic and international thoroughbred competitions.

Dale Mullen has been sleeping with the boss' wife, Marguerite Townsend. Paige Mullen, on the other hand, has a separate scheme involving her unsuspecting husband. She has been spiking Dale's dipping tobacco with a fertility drug to enhance his sperm motility and poking pinholes in his condoms, while she herself is taking contraceptives.

Marguerite has become pregnant and Paige intended to increase the possibility of Marguerite having Dale’s illegitimate child. Then by blackmailing Marguerite, Paige can obtain more funds for the dream horse farm. Paige has already put a $10,000 deposit down on a $600,000 Connecticut horse farm without informing Dale nor including his name on the contract. The detectives uncover Paige’s motive of killing the female veterinarian, as she was afraid that the vet would expose their drug-smuggling scheme before Marguerite can keep the pregnancy to term so that Paige could blackmail her.


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Robert Goren: Oh, uh, wow, these quick-release knots, they are, uh, very quick.

Alexandra Eames: When I was a kid, I used to dream about living on a horse farm.
Robert Goren: That's a nice dream... for a horse.

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