L&O, Episode 19.12
Production number: 190--
First aired: 4 February 2009
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Written By
Stephanie Sengupta & Keith Eisner

Directed By
Josh Marston


A hostage situation leaves a troubled NYPD officer dead. The resulting probe uncovers a man who may be the illegitimate son of a famous president.


Main cast

Guest cast



Lupo: (to a dog who doesn't interrupt the arrest of his owner) Good boy, Clipper.

Background information and notes

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Waylon Residence
365 West 17th Street
Tuesday, November 13

Home of
Norman Lukovitch
1054 Fifth Avenue
Tuesday, November 13

Home of
Ian Dryden
Chelsea Piers Marina
Wednesday, November 14

4 5 6

Office of
John Jay McIntyre
McIntyre Industries
Thursday, November 15

Westside Marina
Pier 83, West 44th Street
Friday, November 16

Arraignment Court
Part 41
Monday, November 19

7 8 9

Office of
Dr. Michael Di Reggio
342 Park Avenue
Monday, November 19

Apartment of
Lois McIntyre
63 East 72nd Street
Tuesday, November 20

Jarvis Management
44 Rockefeller Center
Wednesday, November 21

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"Lucky Stiff"
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Season 19
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