"In Loco Parentis"
SVU, Episode 19.15
Production number: 19015
First aired: 7 March 2018
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin & Julie Martin

Directed By
Norberto Barba


Carisi opens a police investigation when his niece reports a classmate for sexual assault and Stone learns there are no perfect witnesses when it comes to sex crimes.


The episode starts with Carisi's niece Mia testifying before Hudson University about a rape allegation against a boy named Ethan. The university ends up giving a guilty verdict, which angers the defendant and scares Mia. Mia tells Carisi and her mother about the incident and Carisi suggest going to the police and start a police report. After looking into the incident and witnesses, the squad finds another college student named Andy. When SVU first met him, he starts off by asking, "Did she say I raped her too?"

With another possible rape suspect in their hands, Andy and his lawyer are interrogated in the precinct. Andy admits that he was in her room during the night of the assault, and that Mia told Andy that the assault was all her fault. With evidence suggesting that Mia is lying, the squad drops the case. Amanda and Fin break the news to Ethan and his parents, but Ethan's reputation is ruined beyond repair. Later, Carisi informs Mia and she tells him that she lied about the rape. It turns out that she only said she got raped because of her mother, and did not want to get the school or the police involved in the first place.

Mia is guilt-stricken about the whole ordeal and invites Ethan to her dorm to apologize, but he ends up raping her instead. After calling her uncle about the rape, Carisi tells her that they are not going to inform the police about the false rape allegation. During trial, the first rape allegation comes up but to no avail. Ethan's lawyer is fined $2,000 for her questioning and behavior towards the victim. She then questions Carisi about the differences between the story Mia told about the false rape and the second rape allegation. He doesn't answer the questions, but then says that there was no first rape.

The last witness shown is Ethan and he finally confesses to being with Mia and raping her for revenge. This leads to the jury finding him guilty for the rape. The episode ends with A.D.A. Stone and Benson discussing her son and the trial.


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"In Loco Parentis"
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