"In Treatment"
CI, Episode 8.04
Production number:
First aired: 10 May 2009
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Nichols and Wheeler
Written By
Timothy J. Leah

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


Nichols and Wheeler try to determine who killed the Chief Financial Officer at a flailing company, but have to contend with one witness who's sealed himself off in rehab, and another witness who commits suicide.


Main cast

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Beuliss Securities; United States Attorney; Securities and Exchange Commission; United States Department of Justice; Barbados; Antigua; Last Rites; Columbia University; Theodore Nichols; Colin Ledger


(after talking to an obnoxious young stockbroker)

Archie Beuliss: That kid's a prick
Frank Hatcher: I know.
Archie Beuliss: We should hire him.

Zach Nichols: You're pregnant, aren't you?
Megan Wheeler: (stops dead in her tracks) Yeah.
Zach Nichols: And the father?
Megan Wheeler: Lied to me, made me a fool, is in federal prison for 12 years. Otherwise, perfect.

Danny Ross: How'd things go with the shrink?
Megan Wheeler: I'm pregnant.
Danny Ross: That well, huh?

(Det. Nichols has just inexplicably walked off in the middle of Rodger's report)

Megan Wheeler: Did he ever play well with others?
Elizabeth Rodger: I don't think he's even fully aware that we exist.

Background information and notes

  • Megan Wheeler's pregnancy was announced in this episode to cover actress Julianne Nicholson's pregnancy.

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"In Treatment"
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