Law and Order
"In the Dark"
CI, Episode 4.06
Production number: E5403
First aired: 31 October 2004
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Teleplay By
Jim Sterling

Story By
Jim Sterling & René Balcer

Directed By
Alex Chapple

Detectives Goren and Eames seek out the person responsible for the deaths of several homeless men.




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Alexandra Eames: The Dark Ages... sometimes I think we're still livin' in 'em.

Bo: Better I take them than leave them for Donald.
Robert Goren: Who's Donald?
Bo: A demon, of course

Alexandra Eames: Oh, he loves you to death. To nine deaths.

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers: Metcalf still had his hands and feet. His head was up in San Francisco. The rest of him is at a research lab in Maui. Some people have all the luck.

Robert Goren: Dinner time. I wonder what alibi they're serving?

James Deakins: Beaming signals to the mother ship?

Robert Goren: Cat got your tongue? 'Cause there's an extra one in here.

James Deakins: So this is it. The rest of the iceberg.

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