"Inert Dwarf"
CI, Episode 4.09
Production number: E5408
First aired: 21 November 2004
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John Manotti
Teleplay By
Warren Leight

Story By
Warren Leight & René Balcer

Directed By
Alex Chapple

When a scientist dies due to lethal radiation, Goren and Eames find themselves investigating one of the smartest men in the world.




Main cast

Guest cast




For being such a genius, he's not much of a liar.

–Alexandra Eames

John Manotti: (to Eames, about Goren) Does he play the siren when he drives?
Robert Goren: (referring to Eames) She drives.

My mother always said 'be happy you're not a genius'. It makes for a lonely life.

–Alexandra Eames

Background information and notes

  • The use of the "theory of everything" in this episode refers to The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe, an unauthorized 2002 book using excerpts from several different Stephen Hawking lectures on audiotape originally released in 1994 under the title, Stephen W. Hawking's Life Works: The Cambridge Lectures. Professor Hawking makes it clear that he has not endorsed this book. The text was written by him many years ago, however the material has already been published in books such as A Brief History of Time. A complaint was made to the Federal Trade Commission of the United States in the hope that the FTC would prevent the publication. (Source: The Theory of Everything at Wikipedia)

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