"Info Wars"
SVU, Episode 19.12
Production number: 19012
First aired: 31 January 2018
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Written By
Richard Sweren & Robert Brooks Cohen

Directed By
Michael Slovis


After a female pundit is assaulted during a violent protest, Benson and Barba struggle to put their political beliefs aside in order to help bring the attacker to justice.




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Martha Cobb: Do you people ever stop with the empathy?
Olivia: Which "people" are you referring to?
Martha: Let me guess. You cried tears of joy when Obama was elected. Said you'd move to Canada if Trump ever got in. Yet, here you are.
Olivia: I was never going anywhere, but right or left, I want to find the man who assaulted you and make sure that he is apprehended and punished.

Barba: (to Olivia about Martha Cobb) Well, let's just say that she doesn't present as your typical rape victim.
Olivia: How do you mean? Martha Cobb has made a career out of playing fast and loose with the facts.
Rafael: Fact: She was raped.
Olivia: Right, and that doesn't endow her with sainthood.

Olivia (to Barba): How bad was it?
Barba: The Titanic meets the Hindenburg meets my first year of Little League.

Olivia: Martha, I am not a fan of yours and I think that your views on sexual assault are reprehensible, but you are a survivor and I really want to help you get justice.
Martha: Always effective. The inspirational mission statement.
Olivia: If you're pulling your punches for ideological reasons because you don't have the integrity to be honest...
Martha: Do not question my integrity.
Olivia: Then how about you drop the armor? How about you start talking to me like a human being, not a media personality? Can we do that? Can we... can we just talk?

Olivia (to Barba): A dismissal? That's what you came up with?
Barba: How would you have voted?
Olivia: Look, whether or not I believe her, this woman deserves her day in court. Barba: But this case stopped being a search for the truth. It turned into a Rorschach test about which side butters your political bread.

Olivia: Martha, all I can tell you about your case Is that we don't always catch the bad guy and I'm very sorry.
Martha: No apologies necessary, Lieutenant. I know I won't be the first or last woman who doesn't get justice after being raped at Hudson University.

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Young Conservatives Club
Hudson University
504 Riverside Drive
Thursday, January 18

Indian Road Cafe
600 West 218th Street, #3
Friday, January 19

Supreme Courthouse
60 Centre Street
Monday, January 22

Residence of
Randy Platt
18 Cedar Oaks Avenue
Farmingville, New York
Tuesday, January 23

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Park Milano Hotel
279 Park Avenue
Wednesday, January 24

Supreme Court
Part 20
Monday, January 29

Supreme Court
Part 20
Tuesday, January 30

Supreme Court
Part 20
Wednesday, January 31

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