"Internal Affairs"
SVU, Episode 15.04
Production number: 15004
First aired: 9 October 2013
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Written By
Kevin Fox

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

Brian Cassidy goes undercover for the I.A.B. when a cop accuses his precinct of corruption and sexual misconduct.


Officer Michael Groves ends up in a psych ward after turning on his old squad – he accuses the 12th precinct of cooking the books and making rape allegations disappear. Internal Affairs Lt. Tucker enlists the help of the SVU to investigate, and plants Brian Cassidy as an undercover. But one crooked cop goes to great lengths to keep things as they are, and the squad realizes too late that they put Cassidy in grave danger. The episode is based on a true event which happened when two NYPD officers picked up a drunk woman in a taxi after a complaint, and drove her to her apartment where one raped her and the other remained on watch.


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Captain Cragen shares with Olivia that Sergeant Munch has filed his retirement papers. His retirement was heavily influenced by the Mechad Carter case (American Tragedy)


Cragen: Nothing changes except what has to.

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Bronx Courthouse
265 East 161st Street
Wednesday, September 4

20th Street and 9th Avenue
Thursday, September 5

12th Precinct
Office of
Lieutenant Terrence Wood
452 West 15th Street
Thursday, September 5

Apartment of
Gretchen Lyons
449 West 18th Street
Friday, September 6

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"Internal Affairs"
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Season 15
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