L&O, Episode 2.20
Production number: 67426
First aired: 14 April 1992
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Schiff Intolerance
Written By
Robert Nathan & Sally Nemeth

Directed By
Steven Robman

An award-winning Chinese American high school science student is killed.




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"She pulled the trigger. Not physically."
"Oh ... metaphysically."

- Benjamin Stone and Adam Schiff

"How many reporters out there? You trying this in the press?"
"Well, to quote a public opinion poll, my clients are the salt of the earth."
"So was the victim."
"Ginseng maybe, not salt."
"Having a bad week, Leonard?"

- Paul Robinette and Leonard Willis

"Half the smack in the country blows through here. You seen a lot of arrests lately?"
"Well, maybe they’re paying you off."
"Oh yeah, millions. My mortgage is a front."

- Detective Reily and Phil Cerreta

"Now, Ben, how reliable was that tip? A .380? Lots of people probably knew Borland had one. And the address you could have gotten from the phone book."
"The Supreme Court is adopting a less rigorous standard for search warrants."
"They ought to be ashamed. They forgot why we have the Fourth Amendment. Besides, here in New York, thank God we have a stricter standard."
"The Court of Appeals is moving with the Supreme Court..."
"The Court of Appeals changes its mind more often than I change my socks. Now, that permit was for the Borland business, the warrant was for the Borland home: any idiot can see that the cops were relying on the phone call."
"I'm not even an idiot, I can see it."

- Judge Simon, Benjamin Stone and Leonard Willis

"There's no way Simon suppresses the gun."
"Simon thinks that the ACLU is too conservative."

- Benjamin Stone and Adam Schiff

"I think I liked it better when the criminals were doing the killing."

- Adam Schiff

"Tomorrow's Post. Says we're negotiating a plea. No attribution."
"Dragging us to the altar."
"And I don't like shotgun weddings."

- Benjamin Stone and Paul Robinette

"It's bad enough what's happened. My son's life is at stake here!"
"I thought it was your husband's."
"...there's a lot at stake here!"

- Mrs. Borland and Paul Robinette

"Tim Chong was the best student I ever taught."
"How long you been teaching?"
"Long enough not to exaggerate."

- Mr. Steinman and Phil Cerreta

Judge Torledsky: Docket #51423. The People vs. Marian Borland and Randall Borland. The charge is murder in the se-- What's happening? Didn't I already see this case on my docket?
Robinette: People's motion charges against a previous defendant were dismissed, your honor. The People regret their error.
Judge Torledsky: Regret? We're talking about murder, Mr. Robinette. You oughta publish an apology in The Times. How do the defendants plead?
Marian: Not guilty.
Randy: Not guilty.
Judge Torledsky: I'll hear a few spirited words on the subject of bail. [to the defense attorney] Leonard, it's nice to see you. Please be brief.
Leonard: Thank you, Judge. Nice to see you, too. My clients are not a flight risk. They're bound to the community, and any high bail would be a hardship.
Judge Torledsky: Mr. Robinette?
Robinette: The People request $50,000 on each defendant. Flight is not an issue, but the severity of the crime...
Judge Torledsky: Go no further. When you're right, you're right. And, Leonard, he's right. This is murder-2. 50,000 each defendant. [bangs gavel] Next.

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the Wanda Holloway case. Holloway was a Texas mom who in 1991, asked her brother-in-law to hire a hit man to kill the mother of a girl who was competing with her daughter for a spot on the same Texas cheerleading squad. The Judge found her guilty and sentenced her to ten years in prison. She was released on March 1, 1997, after serving six months of her sentence. (Source: Wanda Holloway at Wikipedia)
  • This episode marks the first time that Executive Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Stone calls for a mistrial.

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Chong's Far East Traders
201 Pell Street
Friday, November 16

Ballistics Laboratory
Monday, November 19

Borland Residence
573 East 30th Street
Tuesday, December 11

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