Jack Colino
Name Jack Colino
Pathology Bank robber
Family Rita Colino (wife)
Sheila Tierney DuMont (daughter)
Status Deceased
Actor Uncredited
First Appearance "Scheherazade"

Jack Colino was a man who was once part of the Fedora Bandits, a pair of men who committed one of the longest strings of unsolved bank robberies.


At some point, Jack married a woman named Rita, though he had a number of affairs. Though Rita was aware of the affairs, she was content to leave Jack be as long as he came back home to her. Whenever Rita got too curious about how he made his money, Jack would buy her a piece of jewelry to quell her suspicions. In 1971, Jack became part of the Fedora Bandits, two men who committed 21 armed bank robberies that were never solved. Though the Bandits were never identified, they were put on the FBI's Most Wanted List and remained there for 47 years. At the same time, Jack got Suzanne Mollinax pregnant with their daughter Sheila. However, Suzanne wanted Jack to divorce Rita to be with her, and Jack refused.

When Sheila was about a month old, Suzanne tried to blackmail Jack by threatening to go to the authorities about the bank robberies. Instead, Jack murdered Suzanne and called his partner Judson Tierney to help dispose of the evidence by burning down Suzanne's house. When Judson asked about Sheila, Jack revealed his intent to murder her as well and burn her body with Suzanne's. Rather than let Jack harm Sheila, Judson shot him through the heart and took her in as his own daughter, forging her birth certificate to protect Sheila from the truth. Judson buried Jack in his bomb shelter alongside the money from the robberies. Unbeknownst to Judson, Suzanne's husband Mike was wrongfully convicted of Suzanne's murder. Judson would later confess to Jack's murder and help exonerate Mike while dying of cancer in 2006. Jack's body was recovered by Detective Stabler after Judson pointed him towards the bomb shelter. (SVU: "Scheherazade")

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