Jack Driscoll
Name Jack Driscoll
Affiliation His gang
Occupation Businessman
Pathology Triple murderer
Family Unnamed children
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Nick Chinlund
First Appearance "The Last Street in Manhattan"
Jack Driscoll is a mobster who had ties to Shawn Colway, a bar owner who owed him money.


Jack was a mobster, who, at some point had Shawn in debt with him by $70,000. Also at some unknown point Jack had beat a kid to death with a wrench in broad daylight but was never arrested for his crimes since none of the witnesses testified against him out of fear. This murder was investigated by Officer Johnny Eames and other officers.

Jack discovered that David Kellen the boyfriend of Shawn's daughter Vanessa was going to make a deal with Sultan Foods that would let Vanessa pay off Shawn's debt. David later ends up threatening Jack so he would let Shawn off


Jack, who was accompanied by one of his suborbinates beat Shawn after they believed he had snitched on them. Later, Jack shot David dead after the latter left his date, Andrea Stiles.

When Jack is at a meat packing industry Vanessa goes to confront him, Vanessa is stopped by two of Jack's henchmen, but Jack tells them to let Vanessa in. Vanessa yells at Jack about having Shawn beat up, telling him that she was the one that snitched, not Shawn. Jack reassures Vanessa that he had nothing to do with David's murder.

Jack desided to have an associate, Michael Connelly become a witness to David's murder in order to divert attention from Jack and onto Nikki Vansen, David's ex-girlfriend. However when Jack realized that Detectives Goren and Eames were becoming suspicious and feared that Michael would rat him out, Jack killed Michael as well.

When being interview by the detectives about David and Michael's murders, Jack remained calm, saying how he was friends with Shawn. He also pretended to act suprised when he was informed by Detective Eames that Vanessa was dating David. When confronted about how the businesses he invests in are often involved in criminal activities, Jack pretends to hate criminal activities in order to be let off the hook.

Jack was arrested by the detectives later on when Vanessa confessed that she told David about Jack which led to David angrily confronting him which had him killed. The detectives got the confession by pretending that Jack had killed Shawn. When being arrested for his crimes, Jack glares at Vanessa with a sinister smile. (CI: "The Last Street in Manhattan")

Known victims

  • Unknown date
    • Unnamed person (beat to death with a wrench in broad daylight)
  • May 24, 2011
  • May 25, 2011
    • Michael Connelly (beaten and shot in the back of the head by either Jack or one of his henchmen)
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