Jack Tremblay
Jack Trembley
Name Jack Tremblay
Occupation Student
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial statutory rapist
Family George Tremblay (father)
Adam Tremblay (brother)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Status Institutionalized
Actor Alexander Gould
First Appearance "Unorthodox"

Jack Tremblay (born on March 27, 1993) was a teenage boy who was arrested and tried for raping four younger children. His defense argued that even though all his victims were raped against their will, Jack did not have the capacity to understand based on the indecency of the programs he watched. At trial, he was acquitted on three counts of rape in the first degree and one count of sodomy in the first degree by reason of mental defect. Jack was then committed to a mental treatment facility for treatment. (SVU: "Unorthodox")

Known Victims

  • Ashley James (raped)
  • Michelle Garrett (raped)
  • Lucy Rhodes (raped)
  • David Zelinsky (raped on seven separate occasions)