Jackie Walker
Name Jackie Walker
Occupation Former singing coach
Former music teacher
Pathology Alleged child molester
Status Exonerated
Actor Billy Porter
First Appearance "Dissonant Voices"

Jackie Walker was a music teacher and mentor for talent show American Diva. He is openly gay and is considered to be one of the most professional music teachers in New York.


In 2013, a boy named Jonah Allen made a claim that Jackie played "doctor" with him and rubbed "magic eggs" on his chest, implying sexual assault. Soon enough, more children came forward, claiming that Jackie sexually assaulted them. However, it was later confirmed that Jonah's sister Brooke and her friend Rachel Burns convinced their brothers to lie about Jackie due to him turning them down. In addition, the parents of his students were so panicked they got some of their children to also say Walker molested them to help put him away.

The charges against Jackie are dropped, but his reputation is ruined, and he is fired. He also claims he will never teach again. The detectives try to apologize, but Jackie is furious and doesn't forgive them. He walks away, clearly upset and angry. Detective Rollins is also furious about this and sympathizes with Jackie. (SVU: "Dissonant Voices")

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