Jaina Jansen
Jaina Jansen
Name Jaina Jansen
Occupation Pornographic actress
Pathology Murderer
Family Unnamed parents (both deceased)
Unnamed aunt
Wesley Jansen (husband)
Mara Jansen (daughter)
Chester Jansen (father-in-law)
Unnamed mother-in-law
Status Imprisoned
Actor Elizabeth Banks
First Appearance "Sacrifice"

Jaina Tobias Jansen was the wife of sexual assault victim Wesley Jansen, and the prime suspect of the murder of Cal Oman.


When Jaina was ten years old, her father murdered her mother before committing suicide. She moved in with an aunt, whose boyfriend sexually assaulted her. She later met a man named Wesley Jansen, who fell in love with her mostly because no one else had much respect for her and believed her to be vulnerable. Not long after they eloped, she convinced him into moving with her to New York. There, she gave birth to a girl named Mara, who was born with cystic fibrosis. She had to make pornographic videos with her husband to pay for her daughter's medical bills, sometimes bringing her daughter to work.

When Wesley's parents wanted custody of Mara, Jaina and Wesley threatened to kill them in front of Detective Benson if they ever saw them again. Later, after Wesley was arrested and Mara was sent to her grandparents, Jaina tried to escape to Los Angeles, but was caught by Benson and Detective Stabler. She explained to them that she was tired of her job and of having to take care of Mara, and that she believed that she could get a contract as an actress in Las Vegas. Jaine was then formally arrested for the murder of her boss, Cal Oman, who was blackmailing her into staying in the pornography video business. She claimed that she shot her boss in defense, even though evidence showed his back was turned on her at the time he was shot. Jaina was eventually convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. (SVU: "Sacrifice")