Jake Nathan
Jake Nathan
Name Jacob Nathan
Title Jake
Affiliation Karl Atwood
Pathology Robber
Accomplice to murder
Family Unnamed child
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Lenny Venito
First Appearance "One"

Jacob "Jake" Nathan was a jewelry robber who witnessed the death of one of his associates, Michael Carson, at the hands of Karl Atwood.


Nathan, along with his associates Karl, Michael, Karl's girlfriend Gia DeLuca, and Casten Zivkovic, hatched a plan to rob a jewelry store. They sent a married couple who lived next door away on a phony prize trip to Atlantic City, then drilled through their empty house into the store. However, during the heist, the couple's daughter Sophie and her boyfriend arrived, forcing Karl to kill them as well as Michael. Karl, Nathan, and the rest of the group then fled with $300 million in diamonds.

Detectives Goren and Eames eventually found a witness who was able to produce a mugshot of Nathan, who came to pick Michael up. The detectives raided the home that showed up on Nathan's background information. They seized a piece of expensive forgery equipment, left behind when the group abandoned the site. Nathan called Karl to tell him that it was missing, and Karl ordered him to buy a new one. However, Nathan was arrested when he went to make the purchase. With the threat of the death penalty hanging over his head, he cut a deal to help bring Karl in. He placed a telephone call to Karl so the police could trace Karl's location, but Karl caught on and escaped. Nathan was imprisoned afterwards. (CI: "One")

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