Jake O'Hara
F'd up kid
Name Jake O'Hara
Occupation Student
Pathology Psychopath
Family Leslie O'Hara (mother)
Status Deceased
Actor Jordan Garrett
First Appearance "Conscience"

Jake O'Hara was a thirteen-year-old sociopath who murdered Dr. Brett Morton's five-year-old son, Henry.


When Jake and his mother, Leslie, were brought in for questioning by Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson as to how his fingerprints matched those on the pebbles found in Henry Morton's throat. Jake broke down and stated that Henry saw him accidentally kill a cat he was chasing and wanted to pet, but he tripped and fell on it, killing the cat, and was terrified that the boy would tell. He claimed he knew that his mother would send him back to a boot camp where he was allegedly burnt, cut, and sodomized by the other boys.

However, when interviewed by ADA Casey Novak and Dr. George Huang, the other boys confirmed that the wounds were self-inflicted and that it was Jake who beat them up and threatened them. They also find out he was kicked out of two private schools for arson and violent behavior.

Stabler and Novak interrupted Jake's family hearing and told the judge that Jake was lying, disappointing Dr. Morton. Jake merely smiled at Dr. Morton gruesomely and after walking out of the court room with his attorney and mother, he feigned an apology to the shrink and kept walking backwards, giving him an insulting smile. Out of guilt, Dr. Morton grabbed a nearby court officer's gun, and shot Jake in the chest. Jake subsequently died in surgery. (SVU: "Conscience")