Law and Order

James Deakins was the captain of the Major Case Squad on Law & Order: Criminal Intent until season 5. His top detectives included partners Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames, as well as partners Mike Logan and Carolyn Barek.

In 2005, Deakins suffered from Bell's palsy, and was forced to wear an eyepatch. (CI: No Exit)

He transferred over Logan from his exile in Staten Island to Major Case, a move that he said required him to burn quite a few favors. (CI: "Grow") He frequently had to defend himself for this move and Logan, who people still viewed as a hot head. Unfortunately, Logan got himself into a bad situation when he wrongfully shot an undercover cop, though Logan was cleared by the Internal Affairs Bureau. (CI: "To the Bone")

He resigned from the NYPD in 2006 rather than fight false charges of corruption against him. The charges were planted by jailed former friend Frank Adair, and others inside the Department.


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