James Henri Rousseau
James Henri Rousseau
Name James Henri Rousseau
Affiliation St. Raymond's University
Occupation Professor
Pathology Necrophiliac
Status Imprisoned
Actor Lothaire Bluteau
First Appearance "Sophomore Jinx"

James Henri Rousseau was a French professor at St. Raymond's University. He was accused of the rape and murder of Jeanne Gallagher.


Before Rousseau became a professor at the university, he was a student there. In 1976, he forced himself on a girl. While she was passed out, Rousseau took her to his place, and let the girl perform oral sex on him while she slept. After she regained consciousness, the girl was given cab fare to Bronxville, and St. Rays decided not to punish Rousseau.

Rousseau became a suspect in the Jeanne Gallagher rape-homicide case, after Detectives Benson and Stabler realized that it was awfully convenient for him to point his finger at basketball players Riley Couger and Chuck Mosley. They took a look at his priors and talked to Shelley Brown, one of Gallagher's friends. She informed them that Rousseau had stalked Gallagher before her death, but that the school had decided not to intervene. Further investigation revealed that Rousseau had altered his entire schedule to fit Gallagher's. After searching his home and house, Rousseau was arrested for Gallagher's rape and homicide.

During the interrogation, he told the cops and ADA Abbie Carmichael that he had indeed stalked her before her death, and that he saw her on the night of her death. He revealed that she'd fallen down the stairs and hit her head against the building. After carrying her body into the bushes, he had sex with it. Carmichael made a deal with Rousseau's attorney to take out the homicide charge, and let Rousseau plead guilty to having sex with a deceased person. With the addition of two other class-A misdemeanors, obstruction and disturbing a crime scene, he faces three years to be served consecutively. (SVU: "Sophomore Jinx")

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