James Kendall (Haystack)
Name James Kendall
Title Paddy
Occupation Taxicab driver
Pathology Kidnapper
Alleged murderer
Family Sean Kendall (father; deceased)
Peggy Kendall (mother)
Bart Kendall (brother; deceased)
Luke Kendall (brother)
Michael Kendall (brother)
John Kendall (brother)
Quinn Kendall (brother)
Thomas Kendall (brother)
Paul Kendall (brother)
Simon Kendall (brother)
Daniel Kendall (brother)
Peter Kendall (brother)
George Kendall (paternal uncle)
Michael Kendall (paternal uncle; deceased)
Bridget Kendall (paternal aunt)
Kate Kendall (paternal aunt)
Maeve Kendall (paternal aunt)
Two unnamed cousins
Unnamed maternal grandmother (deceased)
Kendall Kozlowski (son with Laura)
Status Released from prison
Actor Dana Ashbrook
First Appearance "Haystack"

James Kendall (alias Paddy Kendall) is the prime suspect in the kidnapping of his infant son, Kendall Kozlowski.


James was once the extremely abusive, possessive ex-boyfriend of Laura Kozlowski, who never had the courage to leave him. Their relationship ended when James was arrested for involvement in a murder. However, this was after he unknowingly impregnated her with their son together. When she gave birth to him, Laura, still having some attachment towards James, named the baby Kendall after him. One day, James's mother Peggy spotted Kendall with Laura and told her son about it, giving him the idea of kidnapping Kendall, as he was his biological father.


After Laura commits suicide after being suspected of murdering Kendall and harassed by a zealous news reporter, SVU detectives are led to two possible fathers of Kendall: James, then-unidentified, and Laura's ex-husband Dan. James was identified after they ran Kendall's DNA in accordance with relatives already in the system.

They found his paternal uncle George, imprisoned for armed robbery, who pointed them to his sister Peggy and her large family. Shortly afterward, Kendall is found alive and hospitalized, to which James tries to visit him, identifying himself as his father. When the DNA confirms it and James tries to take him away, Dan arrives and the two get into a fight over their parental rights, which becomes physical. Detective Elliot Stabler and ADA Casey Novak then try to arrange for Kendall to be put into foster care and taken away from James, but their efforts are rebuffed.

James eventually proceeds to sue Stabler and Novak civilly for their harassment and interference in his parental rights case and Judge Elizabeth Donnelly defends them. During the trial, something James says during his testimony causes Stabler to find evidence of him committing the kidnapping and they make a deal with him where he drops the suit and serves one to three years in exchange for giving up his parental rights to Kendall. James should have been released because his sentence was only two to three years.

Known Victims

  • Laura Kozlowski (his ex-girlfriend; abused and later stalked)
  • Kendall Kozlowski (his son; kidnapped; was rescued)
  • Dan Kozlowski (Laura's ex-husband; assaulted)
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