Law and Order

James Miller is a man who had sexually abused his stepdaughter Evangeline since she was eleven years old.


James married a widow named Tammy and showered his step-daughter Evangeline with affection. James and Tammy had two sons together, with him being described as a loving father to them.

When Evangeline was eleven, James went into her room one night and proceeded to rape her. James saw nothing wrong with the event, as he was married to her mother. He would carry this on for the next two years and forbade Evangeline from telling her mother.


Eventually, he impregnated Evangeline, which was discovered after Evangeline ran away from home and wounded up in New York City during an attempt to get an abortion. SVU helped in the search for Evangeline and ended up locating her.

Being pro life, James and Tammy try to prevent her from having an abortion, resulting in the family going before a judge.

Evangeline exposed James as her rapist in family court, much to the shock of those present. Miller fled back to Ohio, claiming he needed to be there for his two sons and stated Evangeline was lying but the detectives doubted his story, especially when he refused to offer DNA.

Despite Miller's attempts to stop Evangeline from getting the abortion, she was successful, and he was imprisoned by the Ohio D.A. once the baby was identified as his. (SVU: "The Burden Of Our Choices")