Jamie Ross
Ross Justice.jpg
Name Jamie Ross
Title Defense Attorney (1992-1996; 1999-2005)
Assistant District Attorney (1996-1998)
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Southern Poverty Law Center
Manhattan District Attorney's Office (1996-1998)
Gorton & Steinhartas (1992-1996)
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Attorney (former)
Family Neil Gorton (ex-husband)
Katie Ross (daughter)
Four unnamed brothers
David (husband)
Status Alive
Actor Carey Lowell
First Appearance L&O: "Causa Mortis"
Last Appearance TBJ: "Bang & Blame"

Jamie Ross is a former defense attorney who became an assistant district attorney on Law & Order from 1996 to 1998.

All that is known about Ross' early life is that she grew up with four brothers. She attended Columbia University, although whether she went to law school there or only received her undergraduate degree from that school is uncertain. Ross was married to fellow attorney Neil Gorton and has a young daughter named Katie.

Ross spent five years working as a criminal defense attorney, with her husband's firm, Gorton and Steinhart. She was an excellent defense attorney, getting acquittals in seven out of eight homicide cases she argued. Ross left her husband's firm to join the Manhattan DA's office as an ADA. Although McCoy vehemently opposed it at first, after only six months, she began working closely with him at Adam Schiff's insistence. She soon developed an amicable relationship with McCoy.

After her marriage ended, she was forced to fight for custody of her daughter and quit for a job with more flexible hours. (L&O: "Turnaround", "Showtime") She became a defense attorney once more and actually went up against McCoy twice.

She was in favor of the death penalty (L&O: "Causa Mortis") but is not in favor of the death penalty anymore. (L&O: "Bad Girl")

Jamie eventually became a judge and had lunch with Amanda Anderlee while she was presiding over the Bruno Johnson case. Jamie mentioned that during her third trial as a judge, Mike LaSalle (Bruno's attorney) sexually harassed her in chambers and she responded by threatening him with contempt of court and went straight home to take a hot shower. Anderlee advises her that if she sees him again she'll have to have to be fair to him despite his actions as that is what the robe demands. (TBJ: "41 Shots")

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Cases tried[edit | edit source]

  • Granted Soin's motion to represent himself after firing his attorney while strongly warning him that this is a bad idea.
  • Denied Soin's request to visit his son Joey at the hospital every Thursday.
  • Questioned the jurors after they overheard a conversation between a witness, Mr. Mudgett and the victim's husband and dismissed juror #9 when he stated he favored Soin and replaced him with an alternate.
  • Denied Soin's motion to dismiss the case due to prosecutorial misconduct but instructed the jury that they may consider Mudgett's testimony was given with a promise from the State not to prosecute him.
  • Held Soin in contempt for ignoring her instructions to limit what he said when talking about his son Joey.
  • Instructed Sharaud Williams that the jury was only to consider the fact of the case in deliberations.

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