Jane Larom
Jane Larom
Name Jane Larom
Title Physician
Affiliation Mercy General Hospital
Occupation Doctor
Status Alive
Actor Anne James
First Appearance "Choreographed"
Last Appearance "Bang"

Jane Larom is a physician who worked at Mercy General Hospital.


  • Larom treated Naomi Cheales for a genetic condition called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency which worsened due to a RFID chip inserted into her body via an unsterile injection by her husband Glenn. (SVU: "Choreographed")
  • Larom treated Detective Olivia Benson after she is poisoned with Zilithion along with three apartments. She adamantly refuses to release Benson leave until her treatment is complete. (SVU: "Loophole")
  • Larom treated Rachel McGarrett for injuries sustained after she was kidnapped, raped, and drugged with domosedan, ketamine and valium. McGarrett later dies of an overdose of the drugs she was on. (SVU: "Avatar")
  • Larom treated Detective Elliot Stabler after he was assaulted by Saul Picard, who smashed his head against the window of the car. Larom determined the blow caused Stabler to go temporarily blind, which she is confident would get better with time. (SVU: "Blinded")
  • Larom examined Cory Kelley, after his step-brother, Eric Byers, confessed that he had unnatural desires towards the young boy. SVU Detective Olivia Benson suspected sexual abuse, but Dr. Larom couldn't detect any outward signs. (SVU: "Confession")
  • Larom treated Lanie McCallum after she collapsed in court giving testimony after how she was raped and her armed was slashed. Larom tells Detective Benson and ADA Alexandra Cabot that Lanie suffered a staff injection and she is dying. Larom tells them it is only a matter of time and there is nothing more they can do. (SVU: "Witness")
  • Larom treated Bill Dixon after he was beaten, sodomized, and branded with the word "Ruiner" across his chest. Larom determined he was drugged with ketamine to catch Dixon off-guard and found several board game pieces in his rectum. (SVU: "Branded")
  • Larom treated Ann Jackson after she was beaten into unconsciousness by the perp who raped her girlfriend, Debbie Shields. When Ann started seizing, Larom treated her, but Ann fell into a coma and later died from her injuries. (SVU: "Mask")
  • Larom treated a baby boy named Jasper after he was found outside a dumpster suffering from hypothermia. (SVU: "Bang")