Janice Cole
Name Janice Cole
Title Doctor
Affiliation Rikers Island
Bellevue Hospital Center
Occupation Physician
Family Unnamed husband
Lauren Cole (daughter)
Amelia Cole (daughter)
Status Deceased
Actor Sarah Street
First Appearance "Psycho/Therapist"
Last Appearance "Beast's Obsession"
Dr. Janice Cole was a prison physician treating William Lewis.


Cole first meets Lewis at Rikers Island, treating his injuries a few months after Detective Benson bludgeoned him to near-death with a pipe. During his trial, Lewis gets Cole to write a note detailing his medical issues so he can show it to the judge when he wanted to request a recess. When Lewis is found guilty of kidnapping and assault, Cole continued to treat him over the next four months. (SVU: "Psycho/Therapist")

When Lewis starts having a heart attack, Cole rushes him to Bellevue Hospital Center for immediate treatment. After Lewis is mistakenly pronounced dead, she proceeds to head home to her husband and two daughters, Lauren and Amelia. She is later surprised at home by Lewis, who proceeds to fatally shoot her in the head, rape Lauren, and abduct Amelia, who is eventually rescued. (SVU: "Beast's Obsession")

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