Jared Black
Name Jared Black
Occupation Musician
Pathology Child neglector
Drug addict
Family Ricki Austin (wife)
Ashley Austin Black (daughter)
Corbin Austin Black (deceased adoptive son)
Status Alive
First Appearance Abuse
Jared Black was the lead singer of an 80s hair-metal band called Black Plague. Sometime into his career, he married an up-and-coming country star named Ricki Austin. When the hair bands went out of style, Black's career sank in the US, but Ricki's career continued to rise. Black remains big overseas, and thus spends much of his time on tour.(SVU: "Abuse")


  • According to one of their former nannies, Sarah, and Benson as she was talking to Alex, Jared is a drug addict, documented alcoholic and also neglects Ashley.
  • It is implied that he and Ricki use their money and power to make their problems go away, such as donating a new library to Ashley's school to keep her from getting expelled and for her not to see a therapist, a doctor not to run a tox screen when Ricki was in a car accident and possibly a judge to get Ashley back.
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