Jason Culross
Name Jason Culross
Occupation Green Beret (former)
Private mercenary
Status Alive
Actor Esau Pritchett
First Appearance "Shattered"

Jason Culross was a former Green Beret-turned-private mercenary and a suspect in the kidnapping of Nick Olsen.


Culross served an unspecified amount of time in the Middle East, where he handled kidnapping cases. When he got out of the military, he started his own company where he tracked down children taken by their parents who lost custody in trial, then kidnapped their child and took them overseas where U.S. law cannot touch them.

Sophie Gerard tried to hire him to get her son Nick Olsen from his father Paul. When Jason tracked him down, he soon found out that Paul won the custody battle and Sophie was lying so he refused to take Nick. Sophie asked Culross if there was someone who could help her but he said, "I don't know any criminals." Later, he is pointed to the SVU by Sophie. When Stabler and Benson tried to arrest him, Culross mistakes them for burglars and attacks Benson, taking her down with a sleeper hold. When Stabler reveals he's a cop, Culross lowers his own gun. He is then incapacitated by Stabler and hospitalized. They question him about Nick, but he is exonerated. (SVU: "Shattered")

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