Javier Vega
Javier Vega
Name Javier Vega
Occupation Teacher
Pathology Former drug addict
Convicted murderer
Repeat offender
Family Gabrielle Vega (daughter)
Status Alive
Actor James McDaniel
First Appearance "Criminal"

Javier Vega was a teacher, ex-convict, and author. He is the father of Gabrielle Vega.


In June 1975, while addicted to heroin, Vega was arrested for grand larceny auto, but his arresting officer, Donald Cragen, recommended leniency, and Vega was sentenced to probation. A year later, while serving his probation, he was convicted of the murder of Joanna Lewis and served his sentence. After his release, Vega had spent seven years donating to Lewis' memorial fund each month of his own volition.

He was subsequently charged with the murder of his student and fiancée, Rebecca Wheeler. Although he was convicted, the conviction was later overturned, and the charge dropped. After his release from Rikers, Vega sought to kill one of his other students, Kyle Luhrmann, for Wheeler's murder and framing him for said crime. Luhrmann was later shot to death by police in his attempt to shoot Vega. (SVU: "Criminal")

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