Jeffrey Trapani
Name Jeffrey Trapani
Occupation Parks Department employee
Pathology Serial rapist
Convicted burglar
Serial sexual assailant
Status Executed
Actor Paul Regina
First Appearance "Counterfeit"

Jeffrey Trapani was an NYPD police impersonator and a suspect in the rape and murder of Paula Grace and the rapes of Stacia Green and Francesca Jesner.


He previously served time in prison for a burglary until he was paroled and started committing the rapes while impersonating a NYPD officer. He later kidnapped rape victim Francesca Jesner and attempted to kill her on his bed, when he was arrested. Detectives Benson and Tutuola also discover 25 driver's licenses on a wall as they are rescuing Jesner.

Trapani was convicted of impersonating a police officer, three counts of first-degree rape, and one count of first-degree murder and was executed. (SVU: "Counterfeit")

Known Victims

  • An unspecified charge of burglary
  • 22 unnamed women (all sexually abused prior to being suspected by authorities)
  • Stacia Green (raped)
  • Paula Grace (raped and murdered)
  • Francesca Jesner (raped; later kidnapped and attempted to rape again, then kill; was rescued)