Jenna Fox
Hayley McFarland svu
Name Jenna Fox
Occupation High school student
Pathology Mass murderer
Mass assailant
Cop killer
Family Annette Fox (mother; deceased)
Status Deceased
Actor Hayley McFarland
First Appearance "Smoked"

Jenna Fox was the daughter of rape victim Annette Fox.


Jenna's mother Annette was raped by Luke Ronson. Prosecution for the rape was delayed repeatedly for two years, and a week before it was set to go to trial, Annette was murdered while shopping with her daughter for prom. A man came up and wanted Annette's bag, apparently trying to rob her. Jenna told her mother to let him have it and she let go, only for him to shoot her and run off. After the shooting, she asks for Olivia and Elliot and they are called in to investigate the correlation between the murder and the rape case. The two assure Jenna that they will catch her mother's killer.

The detectives later call Jenna into the squad room, thinking that it will give her closure to see that the three men behind the rape and murder are behind bars. As she leaves, Jenna takes the detectives by surprise when she returns to the squad room with a handgun and fires several shots into the holding cell. As Benson pleads with Jenna to stop, Stabler takes cover behind his desk and reaches for his gun inside his drawer. Jenna then turns towards them and fires one shot, hitting Sister Peg. Shocked, she stops firing and begins to lower her weapon, but a provoking comment by Eddie Skinner, her mother's killer, infuriates her. As she turns back to aim her weapon at Skinner, Stabler is forced to shoot to stop her. As she lies on the floor dying, Jenna reveals to Stabler that she bought the gun off the street, and told him it was easy. She died in Elliot's arms.

Known Victims

  • May 17, 2011: The 16th precinct shooting:
    • Luke Ronson (her mother's rapist; murdered)
    • Eddie Skinner (her mother's murderer; assaulted; was non-fatally shot)
    • ATF Special Agent Greer (murdered)
    • Sister Peg (killed by a stray bullet)
    • Unnamed man (assaulted; grazed his arm with a stray bullet)
    • Unnamed man (killed by a stray bullet)