Jenny Brandt
Name Jenny Brandt
Pathology Murderer
Family Jocelyn Brandt (mother)
Vince Brandt (father)
Status Alive (released)
Actor Hallee Hirsh
First Appearance "Killerz"

Jennifer "Jenny" Brandt was a young girl who, at the age of ten, tortured and murdered eight-year-old Aaron Polansky. She was tried for the crime, but she was exonerated and released to the custody of her mother, who is required to attend monthly appointments with the judge.


When her father went to prison for grand theft auto, her mother took a new husband almost immediately after.

While evaluating her, Dr. Emil Skoda theorizes that she was emotionally and perhaps physically abused, and that exhibits she several indicators of sociopathic behavior, including a history of animal abuse, flat emotional affect and fantasies of violence.


  • Jenny is likely based on real-life child killer Mary Bell.