L&O, Episode 6.04
Production number: K0107
First aired: 1 November 1995
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Written By
René Balcer & Jeremy R. Littman

Directed By
Christopher Misiano


Three killings lead to a case that involves a wealthy family and a challenge to the law regarding double jeopardy.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


  • Donna Karan
  • Fatal Attraction
  • Beau Geste
  • People v. Carruthers


Prof. Rothenberg: It's a disgrace, McCoy. My client should be home, helping his kids with their schoolwork.
McCoy: I saw the crime scene photos. I know how much his family means to him.
Peter: But I'm innocent. I didn't kill anybody.
McCoy: You've already learned the Rikers Island theme song. Good for you. I'm not dealing for anything less than a full sentence.

Prof. Rothenberg: Did anyone ever tell you you're a sore loser, McCoy?
McCoy: Only when I lose, Mr. Rothenberg.

Schiff: You got around double jeopardy. You climbed Everest in your shorts, on a very cold day...Good work.
McCoy: As long as we stayed out of appellate court. With their bankroll, sooner or later, they would have creamed us.

Prof. Rothenberg: What part of double jeopardy don't you understand?
McCoy: I'm well acquainted with it, Mr. Rothenberg. And it doesn't scare me.

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Beetlehead Graphics
44 W. Houston
Thursday, July 27

Law Offices Of
Kaiser & Odlum
332 West 45th Street
Tuesday, August 1

Gaston, Inc.
408 East 74th Street
Monday, August 7

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 49
Monday, September 18

Supreme Court
Hastings Club
Monday, September 25

First Dominion Bank
135 Broadway
Friday, September 29


Supreme Court
Motions Hearing
Monday, October 16

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