Jeremy Jones
Max Carpenter svu
Name Jeremy Jones
Title Dirk
Charles Murphy
Occupation Former male stripper
Pathology Serial rapist
Family Mason Clark (husband)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Max Carpenter
First Appearance "Criminal Hatred"

Jeremy Jones was a serial rapist and robber, and later a murderer.


Jones was an out-of-work male stripper who would frequently visit gay bars. There, he would spot rich men, invite them to a hotel room, and rape them there. He would also empty out their wallets as well. He was found soon after detectives investigated a hotel room in which he raped a man and indirectly caused his death by provoking a heart attack. When Jones was brought to trial, A.D.A. Barba revealed that though Jones was gay, he raped other men because he hated himself for the fact that he was gay, and took it out on his victims who he believed were pretending to be straight.

Jones was initially convicted of unlawful imprisonment while the other charges are declared a mistrial. However, Barba and Bensen realize that Jones' murder victim bought an engraved bracelet for his wife that was stolen by Jones based on his testimony at trial. Finding proof of the purchase, Barba and Bensen bring it before Jones' husband Mason, who is horrified as Jones claimed he bought it for him.

With Mason's help, the police locate the bracelet which has the victim's blood on it and Jones' fingerprints. At his bail hearing on the unlawful imprisonment charge, Barba agrees to a reduction to $5,000 and then has Jones arrested by Bensen and Fin. Jones is enraged, calling his husband "a little faggot" and raging at his lawyer Minonna Efron. As he's escorted out, everyone realizes the truth about Jeremy: he doesn't just hate gays, he hates himself. (SVU: "Criminal Hatred")

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates in 2012:
    • Curtis Armstrong (tied up, raped, and robbed)
    • William Luffner (tied up, raped, and robbed)
    • Ethan Jackson (tied up, raped, and robbed)
  • 2013:
    • January 4-5:
      • Unnamed man (intended)
      • Charles Murphy (tied up, beaten, raped, and robbed)
    • January 5-6: Harry Dunlevy (tied up, beaten, raped, and robbed; died of a heart attack as a result of his rape)
    • January 15: Minonna Efron (his attorney; assaulted; spat on)
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