Jerome Jones
Jerome jones
Name Jerome Jones
Occupation Pizza shop employee
Pathology Alleged rapist
Family Unnamed mother
Status Deceased
Actor Kamal Angelo Bolden
First Appearance "Decaying Morality"

Jerome Jones was a pizza shop employee who was murdered by Luke Davis because he believed Jones raped his daughter Jenna.


At an unknown point, Jones and some of his friends were accused of gang rape but when the DNA evidence was contaminated, they were cleared of the charges and Jones filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for harassment. One night while working at a pizzeria a teenage girl named Jenna Davis, who was drugged and raped by her uncle Neil Alexander, stumbles into the shop and goes into the restroom. When Davis spent to much time in the restroom, Jones goes in to make her leave but sees that she is disoriented and she ran out the bathroom. Outside the Pizzeria when Jones tries to return her purse, Davis lashes out at him and when sergeant Olivia Benson and detective Amanda Rollins intervene, she tells them that Jones raped her and Benson arrests him.

Later at the precinct, detectives Dominick Carisi, Jr. and Nick Amaro interrogate Jones, but he denies that he raped Davis and says that the reason he is being interrogated is because of his pending lawsuit against the NYPD, detective Odafin Tutuola then pulls Sonny and Amaro out of the room to tell them about Jones lawsuit and Jones is eventually released due to lack of evidence. While the SVU detectives were still investigating him, Jenna's father, Luke, kidnapped Jones, beats him and then gets a nail gun and threatens to shoot him in the groin unless he confess to raping his daughter. Jones then confess and as a result of his asthma and being assaulted, he has a heart attack and dies. A.D.A. Rafael Barba eventually allowed Davis to plead guilty to manslaughter. (SVU: Decaying Morality)

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