Jess Hardwicke
Name Jess Hardwicke
Occupation Receptionist
Pathology Robber
Status Unknown
Actor Britt Lower
First Appearance "Strange Beauty"

Jess Hardwicke is a receptionist with a wooden leg who gives people pointed ears.


When she was fourteen Hardwicke developed bone cancer in her left leg and lost her leg to the cancer while she was fifteen. During this time she started seeing Hal Brightman for being depressed, eventually she started to embrace that she only had one leg, even thou she was feeling better Brightman told her that she was't ready but she left because they just kept going over how she lost her leg. Hal Brightman then got his brother Gene to give her a job as a receptionist to help her. While working as a receptionist Hardwicke and her boyfriend started stealing blades and anesthesia from him so she could use them to modify people's ears. When Hal Brightman came to drop off keys for his brother one of Hardwicke's costumers Nina Raedo came to her with an ear infection she got after Hardwicke gave her pointed ears for which Hardwicke gave her medication.

After arresting her boyfriend the detectives find her about to give another costumer pointed ears and they arrest her for stealing from Gene Brightman. In interrogation they tell her that Raedo is dead and that she is a suspect in her amputation and death but she tells that that she did't hurt Raedo and that she only gives her costumers pointed ears, when Rollins asks Hardwicke about her wooden leg Hardwicke tells her how she lost it to bone cancer but know embraces the fact that she is extraordinary. Later the detectives ask her about Hal Brightman and she tells them about how she used to see him when she was depressed about her leg, she also tells them how Brightman knows about Raedo. (SVU: "Strange Beauty")

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